Here are a few random photos of Bill with family and friends. Please send us yours and we will add them to the gallery!

Here are a few random photos of Bill with family and friends. Please send us yours and we will add them to the gallery! There are several pages, so be sure to click through using the numbered links under the small thumbnails.

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1 Toosinbeymen 02.20.09 at 7:26 pm

I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. Bill was born one year before my mother who passed away 12 years ago and was the first to go in our family. It’s a hard thing to go thru but we are all only here for a time. Let’s give each other joy as your father gave to you.

2 Mary Lou 02.21.09 at 8:48 am

You have my deepest sympathy. I know you and your dad developed a close loving relationship over the years as you both grew older. I know your loss will be great, but you have prepared over the years to deal with this important man in your life, and I know you are at peace knowing you were close at his passing. Shane did a wonderful job at presenting your dad to the world that had the opportunity to meet and know the man and to those that only knew of him through you. My thoughts and love are with you.

3 Buck Leitch 02.22.09 at 2:30 pm

Has it really been that long ago? In 1976, Mr. Benton had a jet-black Lincoln Town-coupe assigned for his use. While employed at Lincoln-Mercury GPD, I tagged and bought that car. Wow!! Moon roof, quadrasonic tape deck, and every conceivable accessory imagined.
Absolutely the finest car I’ve ever owned. If my 81+ memory serves me correctly, he was a Vice-president then and had an office at GPD.

4 Lee Iacocca 02.24.09 at 9:13 am

Bill and I had great years together. He was a good friend and terrific marketing guy. Some of my fondest memories were the family trips we took to Hawaii. We watched each others daughters grow up. So many laughs, so many stories. Rest in peace.

5 Bud Kilby 02.24.09 at 9:20 am

Dear Blanche and Family, Sorry about Bill. He was my zone manager in 1948 and 49. I had a high respect for him. My dealership is ninety-four years old. Yadin Valley Motor Co. Inc. by Bud Kilby

6 Jan Benton Roehler 02.27.09 at 2:45 pm

Roxanne, What a wonderful site. It is great to see the old pictures of the whole family. We’ve know how proud Dad was of his brother but it means alot to see the pictures of Uncle Brub’s life and the picture of Cargie and Pop is the first one I’ve seen since she died. What you’ve put together is so special, I just wish my Dad could see it. I’m guessing they’re flying “upside down under a bridge” in heaven!

7 Allysen Clancy 02.27.09 at 3:12 pm

My condolences to Mrs. Benton and her family, especially the Lievois’ and the Dennis’s. I am so sorry for your loss. I have fond memories of Mr. Benton. He was a very kind and generous man. I loved looking at all of the pictures of your family. Mr. Benton was very fortunate to have such a wonderful family. I feel a special connection to your family and I have never forgotten how welcomed you all made me feel while babysitting for the grandchildren. You are all in my prayers. I hope to see you at the memorial service. Allysen

8 JOHN/BETTY STEELE 03.01.09 at 7:28 am

Dear Blanche: We were so sorry to read of Bill’s death this morning. I shall always remember Bill as the “great chipmunk trapper”. Please accept our condolences – we know you shall miss him badly!!!!

Betty/John Steele

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