If you have questions or are looking for additional information, please email daughter #2, Roxanne Darling here.

You may also call Roxanne: 808-384-5554.
She lives in Hawaii. Hawaii Standard Time is 5 hrs earlier than EST.


1 Michelle Vermeulen 03.04.09 at 3:30 pm

Hi there, I’m Michelle your Dads Physical Therapist from a few months ago. I just wanted to let you all know you are in my thoughts. I was thrown for a loop when Barbara left the message on my phone that Dad passed away. Although I didn’t know him very long he definately left a mark on my life and I just loved the video. I try and tell people the same exact thing he said about being positive and there is nothing more valuable than good friends and a supportive an loving family. He was a lucky man in many ways and he will be missed. Take care and keep smiling:)

2 Mike Hudson 03.05.09 at 9:36 am

Blanche & Benton Family-
Deepest sympathy and best wishes from me and the entire Henry Ford Hospital Division of Cardiology. The website, photos, video, and biography are a wonderful expression of your family’s love and great tribute to Bill. I will keep fond memories of Bill’s optimistic spirit, his trust and confidence in me and all his Henry Ford caregivers, and his genuine concern/ interest in my family. It was a pleasure being his Cardiologist and I am thankful for his friendship and generosity.


3 Steve Secrest 03.17.09 at 11:52 am

In 1977, I was assigned to the Legal Office at Ford of Europe. Due in large part to the fact that I was one of the lower graded foreign service workers, my former wife and I had a hard time finding a house and spent almost 1 1/2 years in the Ford apartments, Ardleigh Court, in Shenfield. Imagine our surprise when Bill and Blanche Benton moved into the apartment right across from us. We found them to be delightful people and thoroughly enjoyed being neighbors until their house was ready (they moved out well before we did). We cherish the memory of those days and of 2 very nice people.

4 Billie and Lee Miskowski 09.08.09 at 7:55 am

Blanche, Roxanne and Family: It has been over six months since Bill has left us, but you can be assurred that Bill’s memory and legacy continues – with gusto – in our Einstein’s coffee group. It is quite amazing how frequently his name is invoked as we discuss the many subjects, past and present. (I ran into Mike Dennis the other day and it served as a reminder that I wanted to offer these few comments). Importantly, the talk is not about doomsday and dying; rather it is about living and offering everything we can in this world. Bill embodied that very philosophy in so many ways that it is not surprising that positive references as these come into the context of conversation. Of course, he is missed but the good thoughts live on!
Lee Miskowski

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